These are Leg Quarters

Knowing is half the battle.

The other half is signing up for the battle - the Leg Quarter Cook-Off (LQCO)

Want a Green Jacket?

You'll need to bring your best

2023 Rules


2. Must make more than two leg quarters

3. Grills need to be on premises by 10am

4. Appetizer due between 12:00-12:30pm

5. Two Leg Quarters due at 2:15-2:45pm

6. Winners announced at 3:30 PM

PROVIDE FOOD FOR THE CROWD: make more than just two leg quarters

Originality - 10 points
Taste - 10 points

Pull Test - 20 points
TenderJuicy Test - 25 points
Taste Test - 35 points

Judging Criteria

This is a pull test (it passed!)

See how the judges ranked participants in 2023.

Overall Winner

You'll be walking away with more than just the glory. You'll be getting each of these:

Runner Up

You used to get nothing and had to make a trophy for yourself like Brad did. You could then write a press release (2020 and 2021) to re-write LQCO history.

Your own monogrammed green jacket

A brand new Traeger tailgater grill
Generously Donated by:
Breaux Bridge Sales & Rentals

But now we're big time, and it's the 5th Annual, so the first loser...uh, runner up, actually walks away with something of value (no offense to your Golden Chicken trophy, Brad) - this Swamp Box Cooler courtesy of Beaux Bridge Sales and Rentals. Look who's fancy, yeah!

Were you also thinking it would be awesome to get a Champion's Ring?
The fine folks at Ramsey's thought so, too.

Past Winners

2019 - Eric Vocke

2020 - Mike Pelitere/Paul Christmann

2021 - Eric Vocke

2022 - Chris Brown

2023 - Aaron Reller